8 Mar 2016

Viviscal featured in The Irish Times - Beauty Tips

Beauty tips: An Irish product to combat hair loss.  Blogger Eimear Hutchinson talks about how she experienced significant post pregnancy hair loss, but that there are also many other factors that can cause hair to fall out, including stress, age, pregnancy, diet and overuse of styling products.  But help is at hand with the new Densifying range from Viviscal that encourages hair growth, read about Viviscal in The Irish Times

14 Aug 2015

Christina Chrysostomou, 22, over-styling

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on June 12th, 2014
My hair used to be chest length until I started using straighteners regularly over 2 years which caused excessive heat damage. I also had some thinner patches of hair around my hair line which bothered me. I’ve been using Viviscal for 2 months and my hair is already looking and feeling so much healthier. It looks thicker and glossier. And new hair has started to grow at the front of my hair line. My friends are envious!
Christina Chrysostomou