11 Aug 2015

Coronation Street’s Sherrie Hewson talks about female hair loss

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on February 12th, 2012

Sherrie Hewson: ‘I looked unbelievably odd’

Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson credits Loose Women with helping her through the personal torment of the past 10 years.
The former Coronation Street and Emmerdale actress says at her worst point the trauma led to the loss of her hair and fingernails.
Sherrie told What’s on TV: “I had a terrible time, I lost all my hair and I looked unbelievably odd. When you go through traumas then things happen, like you losing your hair, your nails – it was such terrible stress. And so being on Loose Woman, we talk about everything, it has completely healed me and that sounds completely crass and naff, but I can’t think of another way of saying it. Loose Women has done that for me.”
Sherrie referred to her fellow Loose Women panellists as her ‘saviours… I wouldn’t have got through without them. That’s not just me being dramatic, it’s me being grateful to friends.’
Her new role, as ambitious resort manager Joyce Temple-Savage in Benidorm, is helping her get herself together.
“Coming to Benidorm, I thought, I’m going to be away from my daughter and my granddaughter and that’s going to kill me,” she said. “I never thought I can be away from them, because I never have been away from them. But after two weeks people told me to shut up and get on with it. I thought that’s right, you’re being ridiculous. And I’ve loved it here. Benidorm has the most amazing charm.”

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