13 Aug 2015

Jo Orchard

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on December 7th, 2012
Jo Orchard (25), Brighton
“I was 18 and a hairdresser but fed up with my thin, flyaway hair. So I had extensions put in worth £500. They looked great and lasted five months. But I couldn’t afford to have them done again. Then at 23 and studying graphic design, I bought long sections of real hair from a salon for £80 and had them glued in for a further £20. But after about three weeks they came out, so I paid another £20 for the hair to be glued back in. Each time the extensions came out, some of my own hair came out too. In time, I developed bald patches – which I tried to cover with more extensions. After 18 months of these cheap stick-in extensions, I realised if I carried on using them I could end up completely bald. So I went to the salon one last time and asked them to remove all the extensions, resolving not the have them replaced. Then, feeling horribly self-conscious, I scraped my hair up into a bun to hide the patches. Nobody commented on how awful my hair looked but they must have noticed. I went on the internet to researh natural ways of getting my hair back into condition and found a supplement called Viviscal…It contains minerals to promote hair growth and took a couple of months to kick in. I know my hair would’ve grown back anyway, but it did seem to grow faster and thicker than usual.”

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