13 Aug 2015

Katie Hampden-Smith

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on December 7th, 2012
Katie Hampden-Smith (49), Devon
“Looking at my two daughters’ hair, I realised how much I had lost so when a good friend noticed my hair was thinning and suggested Viviscal I was extremely grateful for the advice. She had experienced great results through using the food supplement herself and strongly recommended that I try it.
I saw the difference it made very quickly and after four months of taking the supplement my hair felt much stronger and noticeably different. Several people commented on how well I looked. Now when I blow dry my hair it even stays in place. I feel generally more confident about the way I look now and it has made me take much more pride in my hair.
I have been using Viviscal Maximum Strength for six months daily now and would recommend it to anybody that feels they are losing their hair and wants to do something about it.”

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