11 Aug 2015

Kim Kardashian reveals ‘bald patch’

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on March 8th, 2012

Quelle horreur! Kim Kardashian reveals a large bald patch as she arrives in Paris for Fashion Week
She is rarely seen without a perfectly manicured fingernail, flawlessly made-up face or a hair out of place.
But the Dail Mail reported how Kim Kardashian shocked onlookers at Charles De Gaulle airport this morning when she arrived for Paris Fashion Week sporting a ‘large bald spot’.
The Daily Mail article described how the perennially groomed 31-year-old reality star was seen with a thinning patch at the side of her head.
Kim, who is known for shelling out thousands for her long brown hair extensions, appears to be paying a high price for her hair styling regime.
According to the feature, Naomi Campbell, Alexandra Burke and Tamara Beckwith have all suffered from hair loss as a result of over-tight extensions and weaves – and just general hair abuse.
Trichologists say that quite often with celebrity hair thinning or loss nowadays, hair extensions are to blame.
The traction caused by wearing the hair pieces over long periods of time weakens the hair – which then isn’t helped by chemical and heat treatments like dyes and straighteners.
Today Kim also appeared to be suffering from a bit of bed head as she waited for her luggage at the carousel, with tufts of her hair sticking up at the top of her mane.
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