13 Aug 2015

Morag McGregor

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on December 7th, 2012
Morag McGregor (64)
“I began to become aware of the dry, brittle condition my hair was in. I knew it had been thinning over the years, particularly once I passed sixty (now sixty four) but the condition of it had always been good and I hoped that the deterioration in terms of thinning would eventually stop. However, the evidence that this was ever going to happen was never apparent. Every time I washed my hair, there was lots of hair left in the sink. And then, on blow-drying my hair, which is colour treated and kept straight, even more left in my brush. This was not a particularly good time for me. I felt very low through it all and found it to be a debilitating experience.
It was at this low point I decided to try a natural food supplement for hair loss. After only two weeks there was a noticeable improvement in the condition of my hair, where it was no longer brittle and dry and was starting to look healthier. From then on, month by month, the improvement continued. My hair stopped breaking off, was no longer thinning, and finally, by the end of a six month period, stronger and thicker.
My hair is back in a condition I thought I had lost forever. Viviscal has produced text book results!”

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