14 Aug 2015

My hair has grown thicker

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on April 5th, 2013

My name is Julie C. I do not have a “before” picture to show you, but I do have a current picture and would like to share my story.  I was laid off from my job in December of 2010, just 3 weeks before Christmas. I had worked for the company for 2 months short of 15 years.Talk about stress! Here it was Christmas, I have 3 kids that I of course want to provide a wonderful Christmas for, and to top it off, my husband Kevin had not worked for sometime due to a work disability. I thought I would find a job right away with all of my experience even in a bad job market. It took me five months to land a position that would offer a salary close to what I was making at my previous position. I thought things would get better, and they did, but little did I realize the stressful situation I was in again. I was working at least 12 hours a day, (most of the time late into the evening). My hair started thinning in the front and I was freaking out!
I decided it was time to see my family doctor for my work related stress (along with thinning hair came stomach pain, and inability to sleep at night even though I was exhausted). I was flipping through a magazine in my doctors office and saw an ad for Viviscal. I even asked my doctor about it and they had told me they had heard really great things about the product and I should certainly give it a try. After my appointment, I went straight to the the store to find your product. I started taking it the very next day and after about 10 days I started to notice that my thinning hair was not so thin anymore! I faithfully continued to take Viviscal and it was really making a difference!  Now my hair is back to normal for the most part, but I continue to take Viviscal as I noticed that my hair has grown in thicker than it originally was before I was laid off.  I am so thankful and appreciative for your product and have told my friends about it as they all saw how stress can not only affect you mentally, but also affect your physical appearance as well.
I wish I had a picture to show you the difference that Viviscal has made with my hair, but in no way was I allowing anyone to take my picture when my scalp was showing!!!!

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