13 Aug 2015

Unhealthy, Dry Brittle Hair Saved by Viviscal

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on April 5th, 2013
I had been teaching overseas in Europe , Kuwait, Kosovo and Afghanistan for over seven years, and when I returned to the States, my hair was like straw! It had been long and fairly healthy, but now it was dry and brittle. I cut it in a bob, hoping to refresh it, but it was still lack-luster and it would not grow. Two years later, it had not even grown an inch! I started reading about models using Viviscal, and I decided I wanted that.  I searched the web, and found it was available, of all things, at Walgreens.  That was the first time I ever bought it and immediately saw benefits!  My hair started growing again, almost immediately, and it was shiny! I’ve ordered it on-line since then, and I get it at Ulta.  I buy it for my sisters and my Mom, and we are NEVER out of it! Even when I went off to China to teach last year, I made sure I had my stash of Viviscal with me!!   Your Loyal Devotee,  Deborah A.

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