30 Sep 2016

A round-up of the best beauty supplements

A favourite amongst the world's hair elite, Viviscal’s unique marine protein complex AminoMar C™ provides the essential fatty acids, iron, silica, protein and zinc needed for a luscious mane of hair." 

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29 Sep 2016

HAIRCARE HACKS This simple trick will help you pick the right hair dye colour for your skintone every time

"...Neil Moodie, Session Stylist and Viviscal Ambassador, advises you stick close to your natural colour, “Don’t veer too far from that (unless you’re going for something completely bonkers of course!),” he explained."

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13 Sep 2016

How Long Hair Became A Status Symbol

In the Times Magazine there is a feature which focusses on the popularity of long hair and how it has become a status symbol. Viviscal is the only product mentioned throughout the piece, in reference to the hair supplement market.

"The healthy hair suppplement market is booming, too - last year, 30 percent of women took them. Viviscal's hair growth programme of pills costs £119.95 for a 3 month supply."

9 Sep 2016

10 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Natural Health featured the Viviscal starter set in a piece about hair to make your hair grow faster. They have explained how supplements stimulate the hair, and mentioned that Viviscal contains zinc and niacin to promote healthy hair growth. 

"Like our body, we get out what we put in when it comes to nutrition, and our hair is no different. Eating a diet rich in protein, Vitamins B and C will give you a healthy mane that can withstand occasional damage. If you want to top up these levels, try to introduce a supplement that contains zinc and niacin in addition, such as Viviscal's Maximum Strength Women (£49.95 for one month's supplement, viviscal.co.uk)."

How to create a voluminous festival pony

Layeredonline.com have now uploaded the Look Book Video with Neil Moodie on their website. They have tagged in Viviscal.

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Goodhousekeeping.co.uk featured a recommendation of Viviscal in a feature about reasons for hair loss. They have suggested the supplements for those who have experience hair loss because of pregnancy.

"How to treat it: There's no need to go overboard on treatment. Either let time run its course until the hair thickness improves, or try a hair growth vitamin like Viviscal to speed things up a bit. Either way, your hair should return to its pre-childbirth state within 6-12 weeks."

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The (not so) hairy problem of male pattern baldness

The in-depth feature discusses the causes of male pattern baldness, as well as treatments that are available for it. They debate the efficacy of drugs that are currently available for treating hair loss and mention that there is also a link between poor diet and hair loss. They then go onto explain that while there is no mention of dietary supplements in the Nice guidance on androgenetic alopecia, the merits of Viviscal and TRX2 are still vigorously debated.

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7 Sep 2016

BREAKING NEWS! Viviscal wins Harper's Bazaar Best of the Best Award!

News just in, having won Best Hair Supplement in the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 awards in 2013, Viviscal has just been announced as the Best Hair Supplement in the 2016 Best of the Best beauty awards.  Harper's Bazaar said"

"Essential nutrients are distributed to major organs before your hair and nails.  If you're struggling with thinning or lack of shine, these supplements provide protein and amino acids to encourage healthy hair growth.  For best results, you do need to persevere with the three-month programme"

Viviscal Maximum Strength featured in Blackhair magazine

In an article about how to achieve hair growth and length, Blackhair magazine features a quote from Viviscal Ambassador Neil Moodie about how hair supplements like Viviscal Maximum Strength can be beneficial:

"Hair is made up of proteins so it is important to keep feeding those building blocks.  A healthy diet can go a long way toward making your hair, nails and skin look beautiful and taking supplements is only going to add to this effect.  I always recommend Viviscal hair growth supplements to clients that are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning which has 25 years of research behind it.  It contains the Marine Protein AminoMar C™, which is great for promoting and maintaining healthy hair growth.  I always notice a much healthier hair growth and often a slight increase in speed of growth when clients are taking it".

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo & Conditioner featured in Reveal magazine

Reveal magazine featured tips from Viviscal Ambassador Neil Moodie and how to use the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner in a trend-led hair how-to. Neil has provided tips on how to get a sleek straight style:

"You can get the rich-girl gleam at home.  'For luxurious thickness, start with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioneradvises Neil Moodie, co-director of London's Windle and Moodie Salon, who's styled Victoria Beckham"

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo featured in Prima magazine

In an article about Hair Heroes under £10, Prima magazine included Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo at number 2 as the hair thickener product:

"Rebalances the scalp and triggers new growth for a fuller mane."

Viviscal supplements recommended on Hello!

Viviscal Maximim Strength Supplements have been featured in a beauty article by TV presenter, DJ and model Vogue Williams.

The Irish model and TV personality wrote in her blog for Hello! Online that she started taking the Viviscal supplements and using the Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range:

"Viviscal is my new thing!! I started using their supplements and shampoo a while ago and the results have been great. Viviscal is a unique, dual-action system that works on the outside and the inside.  Backed by 25 years of research, our award-winning supplements nourish from within to maintain healthy hair growth. Meanwhile, our NEW scientifically formulated Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying range (which includes Viviscal Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir) complements the hair growth benefits of the Viviscal supplements by conditioning from the outside. I use all three products together and I have seen a big difference in my hair after 6 weeks."

Read the full article at blog.hellomagazine.com

Viviscal Densifying Elixir featured on Express.co.uk

In an article about how to combat thinning hair, Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir was featured as a leave-in treatment that helps to extend the hair growth phase and reduce hair loss with it's combination of biotin, keratin and zinc.  Read the full article on Express.co.uk.

Viviscal supplements featured in Good Housekeeping

Goodhousekeeping.co.uk featured Viviscal hair growth supplements in an article about hair mistakes that age you. Viviscal has been recommended to help improve condition of the hair as they contain vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

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Viviscal supplements featured on DailyMail.co.uk

In an article about getting brows that wow, Viviscal hair growth supplements were featured as a way to make the most of your eyebrows. Supplements like Viviscal, that contain strengthening and growth-stimulating vitamins B and C, do not just benefit the hair on your head.  Hibba Kapil, a founder of an NYC beauty salon has been quoted saying:

'Since I just gave birth, I was losing a lot of hair myself but I have been using Viviscal which has been helping my eyebrows, nails and hair grow"

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range featured in Top Santé

In an article titled Big Hair Volumisers, Top Santé focused on products that put the oomph back into your locks, with the latest products to naturally boost thickness and body.  In the article's Tried & Tested section, Alice Theobold, 36, from Berkshire, tried the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner and Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir.

The summary of the densifying range spoke about how Viviscal's body-building system enhances the look of every strand for a fuller head of hair, without weighing it down.  A complex of biotin, keratin and zinc also works to extend the hair growth phase.

Alice's verdict was:

"My hair is fine and grows slowly, so I'm always on the look-out for products that help it look thicker.  I followed the shampoo with the conditioner and, after towel-drying my hair, I added the elixir.  After blow-drying as usual it felt and looked fuller.  My bob looked visibly shorter due to the volume boost."

InStyle magazine features Viviscal Conceal & Densify Volumising Hair Fibres

Viviscal Conceal & Densify Hair Fibres have been included in a feature page about fine hair.  Celebrity stylist Adam Reed suggests applying coloured hair fibres to a thinning hairline or transparent scalp, to help add colour to the area and disguise any thinning hair.