2 Nov 2016

How the way you BRUSH your hair could be ruining it (and how to get it right)

The Dailymail.co.uk has included a quote from Neil Moodie in a feature about how you could be brushing your hair wrong. Neil has been credited as a Viviscal Ambassador and has been quoted explaining about the life span of a hair and what type of brush you should be using.

You can read the article on the dailymail.co.uk.

The Independent.co.uk also picked up the quote from Neil and have included in a feature about how to brush your hair.

You can read the article on the independent.co.uk.

"Hair has a lifespan of approximately seven years and on average we lose around 120 hairs a day to make way for new ones to grow. If you don't brush your hair then these hairs won't loosen out."

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