31 Jan 2017

Viviscal featured on BlackBeautyandHair.com

In an article titled - Can you stop the hair ageing process?
Session stylist and Viviscal ambassador; Neil Moodie, shared his thoughts with www.BlackBeautyandHair.com. With ageing, nearly everyone has some hair loss and the rate of hair growth slows. Neil discussed how you need to change your hair habits as you age and the hair growth progress. He also added that he "always recommends Viviscal hair growth supplements to clients that are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning.", naming Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements as one of his 'Top Hair Anti-Ageing Products'. Neil said, he "always notices a much healthier hair growth and often a slight increase in speed of growth when clients are taking it." 

11 Jan 2017

Can supplements help boost our beauty?

In Look they have featured Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements. In a feature about the suture of skin, there is a segment dedicated to the future of supplements, they have posed the questions about whether supplements can help boost our beauty. Makeup Artist Wendy Rowe and Dr. Murad have both provided quotes in support of taking supplements.

"I'm all for supplements topping up our vitamin and mineral levels but they should be used on top of a healthy diet."

9 Jan 2017

Use Viviscal to get the hair you always wanted in 2017

Good Housekeeping featured the supplements in an article about how to get the hair you’ve always wanted. To get hair stronger, they’ve recommended taking supplements. They have reported that every reader they’ve recommended Viviscal to always notices a change and had stronger growth and less wispy hair. They have always mentioned that you need to take it for 3 months.

"Every tester we've recommended Viviscal Supplements to always notices a change - stronger growth and thicker, less wispy hair. "

6 Jan 2017

Detox your skin and hair this winter with Viviscal

The Mirror.co.uk have featured Viviscal in a beauty detox article. They have recommended the supplements for bringing lacklustre hair back to life. They have explained that the supplements are scientifically formulated with the all the important nutrients - biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C and the protein rich AminoMar C - needed for hair to grow strong and healthy.

You can read the article on the Mirror.co.uk

Kate Middleton's favourite stylist recommends Viviscal!

Prima have included the Viviscal supplements in a piece about expert recommended beauty products. Richard Ward, has included the supplements as one of his top products, to help nourish locks from the inside out. He mentions that they have been popular in his salon with clients seeing results quickly.

"If you want healthy hair, a healthy diet is a must. But the Viviscal Healthy Hair Supplements nourish locks from the inside out, too, and have been a huge hit in my salon, with clients seeing great results quickly. "