20 Feb 2017

Viviscal Man - As Seen On ITV!

ITV Good Health: Save Money featured Viviscal Man Hair Fibres in a segment about male hair loss. A group of men were testing temporary cover up solutions to hair loss and tested a variety of different products. The feedback for Viviscal Man Volumising Fibres were positive; here are a few things the models had to say about the products -

"I really like that. That's quite clever because the fibres are quite difficult to apply on their own."

"It looks really thick and healthy at the front. I didn't think i'd like it but I do." 

"We're giving the Viviscal Volumising Fibres a thumbs up and just under £245 per year it's our cheapest product."

Hailey Baldwin talks Viviscal with Refinery 29!

As one of the new faces of 2017 for L'Oreal, Refinery 29 caught up with the model to discuss hair heroes and beauty icon's.

What’s your signature hair look? Maybe this shorter, choppy look I have now. I had this hair when I started modelling and I had shorter hair for a while but I’ve done my share of extensions and making it longer and shorter. And colour-wise, blonde, for sure.

Who are your hair heroes? Whose hair would you love to have, if anyone’s? There’s a lot of people, to be honest, because there are some people that I’m just like, 'Wow your hair is so magnificent'. Taylor (Hill) has really good hair – I always notice that.

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? There’s been a couple. I’ve done dark brown and I definitely don’t think I thrive with very dark hair. I just don’t think it fits my look as well. And I've definitely gone too short. Probably to just below my jaw.

Are there any hairstyles or cuts that you admire but would be too scared to try yourself? Definitely a pixie cut. I see certain people and I think, 'She really rocks that', but I would never.

Does your hair grow quickly? No, I have to take a lot of vitamins and stuff. I take Viviscal.

2 Feb 2017

Viviscal featured in Now Magazine

As part of Now Magazine's 'Hair-tox' article, they named their favourite products to help you resurrect your mane with their expert approved hair detox. Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements were included in the piece as a product to help "grow grow grow". They explained how the hair is a non-essential tissue, making it the last thing to receive nutrients. They rated Viviscal as the supplements are especially designed for the hair.

Viviscal featured in Look Magazine

In Look magazine's article called "Stress Busting Beauty", Viviscal was featured as part of their round up on beauty buys (Skin and Hair care) that can help get your glow back! Here's what they had to say about our Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements - "'Extensions and weaves can be a big stress factor for hair' reveals stylist Neil Moodie. 'Everyday usage often leaves your roots broken and brittle, which sometimes causes traction alopecia. Super tight ponytails and braids can also traumatise the follicle.' Protect it with a Supplement in your diet."

Viviscal featured on WendyRowe.com

In an article on WendyRowe.com called 'FIX IT: Hair Rehab', they talk about how the Winter season affects our hair and how we can fix it! Viviscal Maximum Strength was listed as number 1 on their 'tried and tested' list. Here's what they had to say about Viviscal - "Viviscal's hair growth supplements are clinically proven and help to repair the hair follicle from the inside out. Viviscal contains a rich marine protein complex, blended with Zinc, Biotin Vitamin C, Iron and Miller Seed to deeply nourish and improve the health of the hair and scalp.".

Viviscal featured in Good Housekeeping!

In an article titled "How To Get The Hair You've Always Wanted!" - Good Housekeeping talk about how "great hair won't change the world" but recommend confidence-boosting powers that can help!
With a 5 step plan, Viviscal Maximum Strength featured on Step 3 - "Pop a pill". Good Housekeeping raved about Viviscal saying "Every tester we've recommended Viviscal supplements to always notices a change - stronger growth and thicker, less wispy hair. You do need to take it daily for at least three months, however.".